Jeff Isacksen

Jeff Isacksen

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On average, Jeff punches a lot more people than most writers.

Between teaching Krav Maga and training in kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu, he spends more time on the mats than at a desk. But when he finds the time to put words on a page, he’s most interested in writing about real people in unreal places—stories about dark and painful things we know all too well set against a fantastical backdrop. He aims to create characters whose stories are smaller than the world they live in but are no less valuable for it.

When time allows, Jeff likes to apply his creativity to tabletop gaming. He also likes head kicks.

Published Work

Isacksen, Jeff. We, Their Sons. Austin, TX: Aspen and Sonder. 25 October 2018. Short story.

Isacksen, Jeff. Our Dead Selves Lie Like Footsteps in Our Wake. Beneath Ceaseless Skies 121, 16 May 2013. Short story.

What People Are Saying

“One of the best stories I’ve read here or anywhere else. It’s rare you get to see the aftermath of a tragedy.”

—Atsiko Ureni, Review of Our Dead Selves Lie Like Footsteps in Our Wake

“Enjoyed this a lot, great to see an ending that is the right, if not the easy, direction.”

—Priya Chand, Review of Our Dead Selves Lie Like Footsteps in Our Wake


“Once I finished, I immediately read [We, Their Sons] again. I cannot wait for more from Jeff Isacksen.

—Adeana R, Review of We, Their Sons


“It’s rare that a male author can believably narrate from a girl’s perspective. I think there’s enough in the story that it can resonate with anyone. And the characters were beautifully flawed.

—Kate R, Review of We, Their Sons

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