Kaci Kai

Kaci KaiKaci Kai’s childhood nickname was Crazy Kaci.

She once fought a girl in a ring in Thailand. And won. She sold all her possessions and traveled as a nomad for more than a year. She jumped out of an airplane. Twice (and counting). Swam with sharks. Bungee jumped. She won two cooking competitions. And chased tornadoes with her dad as a kid.

But the scariest, craziest thing she’s done to date? She wrote and published It Happens to Strong People, Too.

Kaci Kai is a writer and publisher living in Austin, Texas.

She’s the owner of Aspen and Sonder.



  • It Happens to Strong People, Too. Aspen and Sonder, Austin, TX. February 2018. Poetry.
  • Frutiger. “Work in Progress” Exhibition, May 2008. Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY.


What People Are Saying

“Kai has such a relatable poetic voice that will pull you in from the very first page. She has created a lovely collection that is sure to become a favorite in the hearts of her readers.”

—Liz Newman, A Better Today Media

This is the realest book I’ve read in a very long time. If you are looking for a book that explores what it means to be human – the worst + the best – this is an absolute must read.

—Vince M., Amazon Reviewer

“There aren’t many books that make you feel as though you’re peering into someone else’s life, and in doing so, better able to understand your own. This is one such book.”

—Peter, Amazon Reviewer

 “Wonderful! Kaci addresses the complicated and difficult emotions that come from heartbreak in a way that is beautiful and relatable. Her poems tell a story through the pages and are also powerful standalone pieces.”

—Kate T., Goodreads.com

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