Aspen and Sonder Publishes “We, Their Sons” by Jeff Isacksen

We, Their Sons by Jeff IsacksenBack in January, I created Aspen and Sonder with a big intention to help smart, creative people launch projects I love (and projects I thought other people would love too).

After 10 months, I couldn’t be more proud than to publish We, Their Sons, the first of seven short stories by author Jeff Isacksen.

Jeff writes smart, dark, complicated stories about families and relationships set against a fantastical backdrop—grave fairytales if you will.

Anyway, I love them and I hope you do too.

We’ve published We, Their Sons on Amazon as an eBook.

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We’ve also released the prologue for you to read for free.

We Their Sons by Jeff Isacksen

An Excerpt of “We, Their Sons” by Jeff Isacksen

“We, Their Sons” | By Jeff Isacksen

This is an excerpt of Jeff Isacksen’s short story “We, Their Sons”. The full story will be available on October 25th on Amazon!

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The past is the only way to make sense of the present, but sometimes it’s in so many pieces—that so many parts of it happened to someone else or didn’t happen at all—that my head hurts trying to put it all together.

Or maybe that’s the mountain air. Getting a breath of it feels laborious.

Built high above the city, the Retreat is a massive house of hard, wood walls and soft carpets, staffed by attendants with mild voices. They slip in to bring me food and change my bandages, and they turn two locks every time they leave. At all other hours, only the hiss of steam breaks the silence, pumped quietly through heating pipes that lace the ceiling.

Every fiber of my being calls for me to throw myself against the door, screaming and kicking and scratching, but I’m just too damned tired.

As I lie in bed and watch the shadows crawl along the walls, I wonder if I’ve always been insane. But then I remember my mind being chiseled away by too-hard blows, desperate to cleave me down to something perfect.

Everything breaks if you hit it hard enough, and that’s what my family did best—hit or break or both. Every last one of us.



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An Interview with Jeff Isacksen: What is “We, Their Sons” About?

Aspen and Sonder is proud to announce we’ll be publishing the first of several short stories by Austin author, Jeff Isacksen, on October 25, 2018. He’s known for writing dark fantasy stories that leave you feeling compassion and heartbreak for his characters as they deal with unimaginable stakes. The story of Floretta is no exception.

Listen in as Jeff describes the first of these short stories, “We, Their Sons”.

“We, Their Sons” will be available October 25th as an eBook.

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Aspen and Sonder Signs Author Jeff Isacksen

Author Jeff IsacksenWe’re excited to announce we’ve signed author Jeff Isacksen to Aspen and Sonder! The first of seven short stories will be available on the Kindle on SEPTEMBER 13th!

“His stories are fantastic. The first time I read his work, I knew I had to find a way to share them with you. I can’t tell you too much about the world or the stories yet. Just know that they’re dark fantasy with big themes on death and what haunts each of us. It’s a reflection back on us and a sort of grim reality that can be the human race (and not always told through the lens of a human character).” —Kaci Kai, Publisher

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